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About Century NationaLease

Century NationaLease has a rich history in the trucking industry in the Louisville, Kentucky, and Jeffersonville, Indiana area. In 2003, Don Ashby realized the need to provide rental and leasing services to the Kentuckiana area to compliment the sales of Freightliner and Isuzu Trucks through Kentucky Truck Sales.  Mr. Ashby focuses on sound and ethical business practices that have earned Century NationaLease and Kentucky Truck Sales the reputations of excellence they maintain today.

Century NationaLease - Leasing Programs

Century NationaLease can help your growing delivery and transportation operations have predictable transportation costs. 


Let Century NationaLease show you how to control depreciation expenses, track preventative maintenance, and have factory trained technicians servicing your transportation needs.  Our solutions can help provide more working capital for continued growth, less downtime for your drivers, and improve customer satisfaction. 

 Century NationaLease can review your specific business needs to find the right custom truck to improve your business operations.  Give us a call today to see how Century NationaLease can help your business operations

Century NationaLease - Rental Programs

Are you looking for a short-term solution for your business transportation needs? 


Look no further than Century NationaLease for local decision making on Commercial Truck Rental needs. Complete our online credit and insurance applications, and upon approval, Century NationaLease can provide you with a Commercial Truck Rental configuration to get your business back on the road and servicing your customers.Our rental options include: 

  • Heavy-Duty Semi Truck Sleeper and Day Cabs 
  • Medium-Duty Box Trucks with Reefer Options
  • Light-Duty Nimble Box Trucks for Urban Delivery

Why wait any longer?  

Give Century NationaLease a call today to schedule your Commercial Truck Rental.

Weather Notice: Office Closed

February 3, 2022

century Nationalease

Due to inclement weather in the Kentuckiana Area, Century NationaLease offices will be closed on February 3, 2022.

You can still reach us via phone at (812) 786-6262.