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Whether the need is to supplement your existing fleet or you’re looking for more of a long-term commercial truck leasing opportunity, we can help. Century Nationalease provides a full range of commercial trucks, semi-trucks, and other vehicles to choose from. These trucks allow you to handle the peak season of your business, or to try out new routes.


We have manual and automated manual units; tandem axle sleepers and day cabs.  Our box trucks are all non-CDL, but do require a current medical exam because of their weight criterion (10,001-26,001 pounds).


If you’re interested in obtaining a truck from us, the process begins with a Lease-Rental Application.  Simply download and complete the application, then either fax or email it back to us, allowing 3-5 business days for the information to be verified.  Once your company is in our system, the next step is to obtain a Certificate of Insurance, details for which are outlined in the Century NationaLease Required Insurance Summary document.  With those pieces in place, rental becomes a phone call away.


If you’re a current NationaLease member, we’re here to assist with breakdowns, just give us a call at 812-786-6262.

Select the right truck rental for your business needs.

Weather Notice: Office Closed

February 3, 2022

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Due to inclement weather in the Kentuckiana Area, Century NationaLease offices will be closed on February 3, 2022.

You can still reach us via phone at (812) 786-6262.